Are you ready for a recovery revolution? The Dragonfly Retreat is the life-changing experience you have been waiting for.

*  8 days / 7 nights

*  4 participants per retreat

*  $7500 per participant, all-inclusive

*  Movement Therapy

*  Experiential Therapy

*  Relational Exchange Therapy in Group Format

*  Equestrian Therapy

You deserve the most efficient and effective recovery available. We will take the time to understand you and provide care that meets your specific needs. Call 509-679-4556 or email us at to reserve your spot at our March retreat! 

We offer recovery for:

Eating Disorders        

Major Depressive Disorder

Anxiety Disorders


Marital/Couple's Problems

Our clinical director, Brett McDonald, M.S. and our Program Direrctor, Sifu Joseph Simonet will be by your side for the entire duration of the retreat. This allows you to have a seamless recovery experience, unencumbered by staff turnover and multiple caregivers. Your success in our program is ensured because your care is provided solely by those who created the treatment modality you experience.We only allow 4 participants at each retreat, which means you will have much more personal time and attention than other treatment centers.

We realize you have a busy life and obligations that require ongoing time and attention. Because we use more expedient and effective treatments, because we use the retreat modality, and because have a low staff to participant ratio, we can offer a recovery pathway that takes 8 days instead of up to 3 months at other facilities. Our cost is less than half of what other inpatient facilities charge per day, and we are located in one of the most pristine and breathtaking places in the world.

We are the only treatment program in the world that offers Relational Exchange Therapy.

Rather than taking an eclectic, symptom-based approach, our retreat targets the underlying cause of the emotional/behavioral pathology using directed and focused treatment.

The Dragonfly Retreat is a recovery program that will provide you with the feedback, reflection, tools and support necessary to actualize a nurturing relationship with yourself and with others in your life.  Our program is based on the philosophy that most mental, behavioral illnesses as well as relationship problems are caused by a disruption in a commonly shared process of human emotional and social health. We call this process the Relational Energy Exchange, which describes the constantly-flowing stream of attunement and nurturing within oneself and with others. This exchange is the 'engine' of mental, emotional, relationship and self-concept health, and when one restores and rebalances this energy flow, one is also able to eliminate or significantly reduce emotional, social and behavioral pathology. This 'engine' of mental health is also the same engine that creates love, trust and emotional security in relationships, which is why Relational Exchange Therapy is such a powerful tool in couple's work.

We would like to invite you to join us for an intensive, exciting and soothing retreat that is aimed at restoring love to yourself and to your relationships.

This is your chance to work closely with a team of world-renowned movement therapists as well as the psychotherapist who created Relational Exchange Therapy, a cutting-edge new therapy that targets your love exchanges.

Sifu Joseph Simonet is a world-renowned martial artists and teacher, with 42 years of movement therapy experience, Sifu Joseph will guide you through an experiential therapeutic process that exposes your alignment, internal process and recurring social/internal patterns. This allows you to see accurately and poignantly the ways in which your repeating habits are contributing to overall imbalances in your life and relationships.

Using RET, we will help you understand the ways that your misalignment contributes to blocks in attunement and nurturing within and without.

Together, our team will assist you in challenging assumptions and behaviors that maintain an imbalance or deficit of relational energy. Using movement therapy, we can facilitate a 'bottom-up' change in processing and relating. When we realign and restore your relational energy  exchange, you will allow a redefinition and revolution to occur within yourself and within your life.

Call 509-679-4556 for a free 15-minute consultation or to reserve your place at our next retreat

NOTE: Relational Exchange Therapy has patent protection from the US Patent and Trademark Office
Application No. 61/661,624
Filed June 19, 2012
Ref. No. 206943-1000-101